Tutu Helper APK Android & iOS Download App

Nowadays when we look at the market, we find several newest app stores for the Android market and the iOS market. Most of the people like to try out such apps. They like to explore these apps on their own. Today we will take you through Tutu Helper APK Android, iOS Download App for your devices. The article below will help you to find a list of coolest information about the Tutu Helper.

We will share our thoughts regarding Tutu Helper for your benefit.

Tutu Helper is a version in the application market and is helpful in app management. The Tutu Helper APK Android, iOS Download App sets the app market on devices for access to different apps.

Going forward, we will expose our users to Tutu Helper.

Tutu Helper supports users to get paid apps for free. People also do not need to have the technical knowledge to familiarize with this app; we would say that it is a just a matter of time. The more you use the app, the more you get used to it. Try out Tutu Helper for yourself to experience the sophisticated stuff it has in store for you.


Tutu Helper APK for Android

There are a variety of essential steps to be followed to get the Tutu Helper for your device. Follow the below steps that I have mentioned to get Tutu Helper easily. We suggest that the Tutu Helper makes your device complete.

  • For the Tutu Helper to be compatible with Android devices, it should be a device of Android 4.0 or higher for best results in performance.
  • The device should also be of 1 GM RAM or more than that.

Other than these factors the free space ratio should be higher so that the device would not experience any lags.

Going on we will have to follow the below steps initially; you need to download the Tutu Helper APK file on your device. The Tutu Helper APK file makes Tutu Helper run smooth on your device.

  • Get the Tutu Helper download by clicking on the link that is given
  • Download Tutu App Helper
  • After you download the APK file, you should make some changes in the settings menu for the installation setup.
  • Next, go to the Settings menu from there and enter the “application” or “privacy settings.”
  • Then you will get the “unknown sources” option.
  • For you to manually setup the Tutu Helper APK file installation, please select the option and enable it.
  • After you enable the option, the process can be easily continued without a barrier.
  • Now choose the APK file, the APK file will start running in the system, and the install tab will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Select the setup tab and go through the process until the end.

When the whole process is completed, the Tutu Helper on your device will start working. Here, we would like to mention something vital. Tutu Helper is in Chinese, but its logo of the app can be easily identified since the icon is a small bunny. Even if it is in Chinese do not worry since the bunny is evident.



While Android users look for more options instead of Google Play, the iOS users (iPhone and iPad) look for more options other than the iTunes App store. Both users have succeeded this with the invention of the Tutu Helper by the Chinese. Today iOS devices have deviated from only sticking to iTunes App Store and the Apple App Store since they have the Tutu Helper.

The below section mainly focuses on how to get the Tutu Helper download on your device.

The convenience of Tutu Helper is that by using it, jailbreak does not happen on your smartphone. Though jailbreak is a must under other apps, Tutu Helper does not involve jailbreak.


Follow the below steps carefully:
  • The first step is to unravel your device and open the Safari Browser. Other browsers will not be compatible as they will not guarantee the safety of the setup as well as its success. Hence, do use Safari.
  • Next, open the official website of the Tutu Helper Download on the browser. Here is the link to access it; “http://www.tutuapp.com/.”
  • After the page opens, with the help of the icons and our instructions, you will identify the app though it is in the Chinese language.
  • A tab will need your permission to open the page in the App Store. Select “Cancel” to this option to continue.
  • After the prompt message disappears, Select the long rectangular tab in green color.
  • After the selection, you will get the “installation” option still in Chinese. Select the Green tab the installation of your app on your device will be completed.
  • Now exit the browser and go to the settings menu. Now makeTutu Helper App trustworthy on your device
  • Access the option; “Settings -> General Settings -> Device Manager -> profiles”
  • In the profile menu, there will be the Tutu Helper Download app too there. Click on it, and a new pop-up message will inquire to either trust the app or not.
  • Select “Trust,” leave the settings section to restart the device.
  • After restarting your device, the Tutu Helper App icon will be there for you to access the app market.

The above procedure will install Tutu Helper successfully on your iOS device.



Now we will introduce several features of Tutu Helper

Smartphone users are extremely lucky since Tutu Helper is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • It provides free access
  • There are numbers of free apps and games for smartphone users
  • There are extra features as a vast storage space, more battery backup and being an expert cleaner
  • File transfers are high-Speed
  • Due to its UI stability, we can directly operate and navigate through Tutu Helper

Thus, TutuApp is the leading app in the app market for free access to games and other stuff. It is a dynamic app and well known for its resources.

Follow the steps in this article and try it out for yourself!